the conceptual framework

a virtual space for storing, processing, and sharing (compositional) ideas.
(compositional) ideas
outcomes and/or conceptions of (compositional) activities.


[2] placing composition in parentheses
of or pertaining to an extended concept of composition, informed by the blurring between art and life, and by the notion of art as life: art as something ungraspable and indefinable.


[3] from OED
Of or pertaining to composition.
I. [As an action]
1. The action of putting together or combining; the fact of being put together or combined; combination (of things as parts or elements of a whole).
2. The forming (of anything) by combination of various elements, parts, or ingredients; formation, constitution, construction, making up.

(9. The action or act of composing music.)


an abstract rhizomatic space containing different ideas to be used in modular ways to create art, mostly in the realms of sound and music, but not necessarily.
a growing network of graphic, verbal, dynamic, and interactive scores and music games; self-made musical instruments and installations; methods of collaboration and participation; and writings that aim to describe and reflect on the project.

see also Introduction to CompositionCloud.

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