the following people (in addition to me, Goni Peles) have contributed to CompositionCloud:

Amit Dubester [saxoschlauch, iS1iS2iS3_sxsch90a180a220-ADaVM, ccloudlab1]

André Thomet [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Arian De Raeymaecker [ccloudlab1x2]

Benjamin O’Sullivan [“Just Representations”]

Brian Archinal [vibrating_rulers, d1-7_sxschVR-Nikel]

Carlota Cáceres [pen1v111pg1_JRpDbCCo4JSxGP2Ks]

Caspar Johannes Walter [Books]

Cheyenne Häni [ccloudlab1x2]

Christian Smith [“Just Representations”]

Christoph Bösch [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Daniel More [ccloudlab1, ccloudlab1x2]

Daniel Stalder [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Eleni Ralli [“Just Representations”]

Fabian Petignat [ Wechselstrom]

Fran Lorkovic [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Francesca Naibo [ccloudlab1]

Giovanni Santini [saxoschlauch]

HannaH Walter [Music for Oneself]

Helga Karen [“Just Representations”, etv-HK_Rg]

Jakob Ullmann [Introduction to CompositionCloud, Books]

James Saunders [objects4JamesSaunders, Introduction to CompositionCloud]

Jan Gubser [ccloudlab1, ccloudlab1x2, saxoschlauch]

João Carlos Pacheco [“Just Representations”]

Jon Roskilly [pen1v111pg1_JRpDbCCo4JSxGP2Ks]

Jonas Vogel [self-made subwoofer, 2sinNoiseLPFrLFO-sub-Ws, Wechselstrom, saxoschlauch, SRF18-cb_2tpc-lt, construction_site-JV-k, MUSIC FOR ONESELF v2]

Juan Pablo Orrego Berríos [“Just Representations”]

Kostas Tataroglou [ccloudlab1, ccloudlab1x2]

Lilach Hason [“Just Representations”]

Lucia Carro Veiga [“Just Representations”]

Marc Vilanova Pinyol [saxoschlauch, 10d_6sxsch-MVP_Wsb]

Mariella Bachmann [“Just Representations”]

Maurizio Grandinetti [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Megan Ihnen [“Just Representations”]

Michael Büttler [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Michel Mayer [pen1v111pg1_MMVfcMGPVds_OPc2p17]

N. Andrew Walsh [“Just Representations”]

Oded Geizhals [“Just Representations”, ccloudlab1]

Omri Panski [pen1v111pg1_MMVfcMGPVds_OPc2p17]

Patrick Stadler [saxoschlauch, d1-7_sxschVR-Nikel]

Primož Sukic [“Just Representations”]

Remo Schnyder [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Shao-Wei Chou [“Just Representations”]

Shira Agmon [“Just Representations”]

Stefanie Mirwald [“Just Representations”]

Tobias Krebs [“Just Representations”]

Toshiko Sakakibara [24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB]

Valentine Michaud [iS1iS2iS3_sxsch90a180a220-ADaVM]

Yoav Chorev [pDidgeballoon]

Yiran Zhao [“Just Representations”]


*see also the participants listed in intuitionVSrandomness and modularSoundStories.