70 patterns
35 generated by human intuition
35 generated by computer randomness

intuitionVSrandomness is a collection of 70 patterns created by asking the following 35 participants (all visited the Donaueschingen Festival 2015) to intuitively choose 10 numbers from 0 to 9 and type them using the keyboard of my laptop: Adrian Nagel, Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Arsalan Abedian, Binha Haase, Cong Wei, Constantine Sukhovsky, Esther Lee, Feliz Anne Reyes Macahis, Georgia Koumara, Hy Choi, Jacques Zafra, Johanna Koehler, Jonas Braun, Jonas Meyer, Julian Gamisch, Julian Siffert, Krõõt-Kärt Kaev, Matthias Kranebitter, Maude Cotton, Max Hundelshausen, Michael Balzan, Mira Milosavljevic, Nan Liang, Nina Perovic, Omri Abram, Radosh Mitrovic, Roni Brenner, Ryterski Rafal, Salome Boeni, Sebastian Meyer, Songyee Kim, Uršula Jašovec, Yair Klartag, Yiran Zhao, and Yoav Pasovsky.

for each number the participants typed, the random object of Cycling ’74 Max generated a random number between 0 to 9. the participants were not aware that they will be compared to a computer, but the graphic outcomes of their choices (the patterns they created) were visible to them. after they finished, i showed them the patterns the computer had created.

click here to download the patch that was used (SPACE shows and hides the computer’s pattern and ENTER resets both).

the juxtaposition of intuition and randomness is also central in diagram1-7-methodology (the methodology i developed for drawing diagrams1-7) and in the video collage etv-HK_Rg.

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