filteredNoise2 is a web-based meditative music game, in which you, the player, change the volume of a sound similar to filteredNoise1 by moving an on-screen fader according to a scrolling graph (using either the mouse or the up and down arrow keys of the keyboard). in addition to your control over the volume, the sound will also occasionally fade out on its own, and a short silence will take place before the sound will fade in again. when that happens, you should continue moving the fader (even though it will have no effect on the volume) and continue the sound with your imagination.

click on the image below to start.


[filteredNoise2 does not work at present on mobile phones or tablets, and moving the fader with the mouse is not fully supported in Safari.]


the sound of a slightly different version of filteredNoise2, in which the volume is changed automatically and never fades out completely, is referred to in one of the texts forming MUSIC FOR ONESELF v1, the app that guided visitors of the event Music for Oneself through a solitary and partially imagined musical experience at the Jazzcampus (Musik-Akademie Basel) on June 4, 2016. during the event, the sound (titled here BROKEN SCORE after the title of the text) was played by an iPhone 4 with a broken screen, and the reader was instructed to think of the broken screen as a graphic score and imagine an interpretation of it while considering the sound being played as an additional layer.

click here to download the Max patch that was used for producing BROKEN SCORE.

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