3 interpretations of pen1v1v1v1polygon1 by Jon Roskilly, Carlota Cáceres, and myself on pDidgeballoon, objects4JamesSaunders-x1, and 2sinNoiseLPFrLFO-sub-Ws (controlled with a KORG nanoKONTROL and played with a self-made subwoofer). all 3 were recorded at the Hochschule für Musik Basel’s Composers Reading Workshop on December 19, 2015, in Klaus Linder-Saal, Musik-Akademie Basel.

as this was the first time Jon and Carlota played these instruments, the 1st interpretation was a free uncommitted reading of the diagram. afterwards, i asked them to add annotations to their copies of the diagram, describing with words the relationship between the sounds they had produced and the different parts of the diagram. i also added annotations myself, and the 2nd interpretation was based on the 3 annotated diagrams (see below).

in the 3rd interpretation, we experimented with a simple way of influencing one another. i wrote 8 letters at different points on the page, and whenever any of us said the name of one of the letters,1 everyone had to play the part of the diagram around the point at which the letter was placed (according to the annotations we added to it). the beginning was free, that is, each of us could play any part of the diagram, and the end should have come after all the letters were called (although in the recording we had to end earlier because of time considerations).

1 the only exception was the glottal stop ʔ, which was pronounced rather than called by name.







click here to open these annotated versions of pen1v1v1v1polygon1 as PDF.

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