self-made subwoofer


a self-made subwoofer inspired by the Jumping Speakers of Nicolas Collins. rattling sounds can be produced by placing different objects on its large speaker cone while playing with it extremely low frequencies. originally made to play 2sinNoiseLPFrLFO-sub-Ws in Wechselstrom, it is far from being professional but has a lovely sound and a lot of personality. i used this speaker driver and this calculator to calculate the dimensions of the enclosure, which was then built by my collaborator to Wechselstrom, Jonas Vogel.

after Wechselstrom, this self-made subwoofer was also used in pen1v111pg1_JRpDbCCo4JSxGP2Ks, 24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB, and ccloudlab1.

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