muted agitation

does light pass through?
        ‘lo(wלא) >>
   - - - — - - - g         gggg       g  g g k g gkgg g g g  ggk g  g kk  k k kk g[k]”creak*

*creakingly crawling like a giant being [ small, even tiny      IN
{0,”in its significance”, m \\ scattered

iS1v1iS2 is the combination of iS1v1 and iS2.

iS1v1iS2 is read in the video aLoneTreeReadsImaginarySounds.

iS1v1iS2 is 1 of the 24 imaginary sounds interpreted in 24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB.

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