a long creak

creakingly crawling like a giant being [ small, even tiny      IN
{0,”in its significance”, m \\ scattered



the shortest creak
once in a while
creakingly crawling like a [ small, even tiny




long creaks, low
slow -

creakingly crawling but without 
   [ almost moving, 
as if   [ … . <<  (a speculation \\ scattered

creakingly crawling

iS2v1 and iS2v2 are variations of iS2.

iS2 is part of the combinations iS1iS2, iS1v1iS2, and iS1v2iS2

iS2v1 is part of the combination iS1iS2v1.

iS2v2 was used in the process of creating MUSIC FOR ONESELF v1.

iS2, iS2v1, and iS2v2 are read in the video aLoneTreeReadsImaginarySounds.

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