diagrams10 consists of processed photos of one of the walls of my balcony (see pre-diagram10-1 and pre-diagram10-2 for the original photos). i slightly adjusted their colors with the auto-color of Adobe Photoshop and replaced all the “1177” 2-byte sequences in the resulting files by “328B” with a hex editor.

in diagram10-2v1, a variation of diagram10-2, the 3 rows resulted from databending the 2nd photo, are emphasized by using the “Stamp” filter on the top part and by layering a half-transparent brown rectangle over the middle part.

photos of my balcony were also used in diagram3 and diagram6 (see diagrams1-7-methodology).

diagram10-2 is 1 of the 10 diagrams interpreted in 10d_sxsch-MVP_Wsb.

diagram10-1 and diagram10-2 are 2 of the 24 diagrams interpreted in 24d24iS_esO4bsPSpbVRssS2-EPB.

diagram10-2v1 is 1 of the 8 diagrams interpreted in ccloudlab1.

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