10d_6sxsch-MVP_Wsb is a video in which saxophonist Marc Vilanova Pinyol is interpreting 10 diagrams (diagram9-6, pen1v2, pen1v1v1v1x1x2, pencil1, pencil2, type1v1, diagram10-2, diagram9-8, pen1v1v1v1v2, and diagram9-4) on 6 saxoschläuche of different lengths (190 cm, 90 cm, 70 cm, 220 cm, 180 cm, and 200 cm) on Wettsteinbrücke, a bridge over the Rhein in Basel, whose traffic noise is so loud that a situation in which Marc can only (or mostly only) play for himself is created. at Music for Oneself, the event i created for my master’s recital at the Hochschule für Musik Basel, the video was played on a laptop placed in the main corridor of floor -1 of the Jazzcampus of the Musik-Akademie Basel as one of the 5 “images” in which the notion of music for oneself was manifested, providing visitors with the opportunity of reflecting on what music for oneself could be. it was possible to listen to it with a pair of headphones that were connected to the laptop.

before making the video, we had a recording session at the Elektronisches Studio Basel, during which Marc developed his interpretations of the diagrams (which was naturally impossible to do on the bridge). these studio-quality recordings are available in the playlist below in the order they were recorded. 4 of the diagrams were recorded twice, 2 because the gain of the pre-amps was slightly low (diagram9-6 and pen1v2) and 2 because Marc tried to interpret them differently (pencil2 and type1v1). even though in the beginning i thought to choose between them, at the end i decided to publish all the versions, as it could be interesting to listen to the differences between them. in addition, an 8-minute improvisation of Marc on the 190 cm-long saxoschlauch, played with the aim of exploring the possibilities of the instrument more freely, was also recorded (sxsch190-MarcVillanovaPinyol).

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