Music for Oneself

[the featured image is a photo by HannaH Walter.]

Music for Oneself was an event i created for my master’s recital for an MA in Composition and Music Theory at the Hochschule für Musik Basel, which took place on June 4, 2016, at the Jazzcampus of the Musik-Akademie Basel. as the title suggests, the event was focused on the notion of music for oneself, which can be traced back to the 3rd brainstorming session i had for CompositionCloud, as well as to my belief that art can also be experienced alone or even just be imagined. at Music for Oneself, this notion was manifested in the form of a mobile app and 5 “images”:

  • the app, titled MUSIC FOR ONESELF v1, guided visitors through a solitary and partially imagined musical experience, giving them instructions for where to go, what to listen to, and what to imagine, but also allowing them to create their own chain of events, their own imagined sound story.
  • the 5 “images”, consisting of an interactive audiovisual installation (d9-tgoc_aCVPsG), a performance (“Just Representations?”), and 3 videos played on laptops (aLoneTreeReadsImaginarySounds, etv-HK_Rg, and 10d_6sxsch-MVP_Wsb), provided visitors with the opportunity to reflect on what music for oneself could be.

click here to open (as PDF) a book compiled of texts concerning this event and other closely related ideas.

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